Weekly - for the most intensive clean
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Hire Busy Bee Cleaning Services to get your home in order

Is your property in rough shape? Busy Bee Cleaning Services can help. We provide commercial and residential cleaning services in Schoolcraft, MI. When it comes to cleaning, there's nothing we can't do. From mopping floors to washing windows, our crew members are experts at beautifying buildings. You're going to love the way your space looks when we're finished.

We'll use first-rate natural products to clean and sanitize every part of your property. We are fully insured for large commercial and rental projects. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our cleaning services.

Schedule routine cleaning services

Want us to make regular visits to your home or commercial facility? We offer several scheduling options so you can get our services as often as you need.

You can schedule us to clean your property:

Weekly - for the most intensive clean

Weekly - for the most intensive clean

Weekly - for the most intensive clean

Biweekly - to keep your space looking sharp

Weekly - for the most intensive clean

Monthly - for your most labor-intensive cleaning chores

Our crew is ready to take on your dirty job. Reach out to us today to get started.

Learn why Schoolcraft, MI area residents trust us for their cleaning needs

Our crew has over 10 years of experience. With that kind of expertise, you can trust that we have the skills needed to deep clean your home or office efficiently. We pride ourselves on doing things right the first time, and it shows in the results.

We'll take good care of your property. Call us at 269-270-2088 to arrange for cleaning services.